Posted by: mortgagesinmexico | March 6, 2012

Tourism in Mexico Aims for Foreign Visitors

Number have proven that tourism in Mexico had increased despite the reports of violence and crime in the country.  In fact, Mexico broke a record in their number of travelers who visited the country in 2011. The 22.67 million travelers count last year broke the previous record it set in 2008.

The number of visitors in Mexico was driven mostly by travelers from the United States. However, tourism in the country was also boosted due to the increasing number of visitors from other countries apart from the US as well. According to Gloria Guevara, Tourism Secretary, tourism is continuing to build back up from the United States but Mexico also hopes to bring in more visitors from other nationalities.

In order to do so, several tourism developments have been implemented to help increase the number of tourists from various nationalities. New infrastructures have been put into place to make Mexico more appealing to these alternative countries. Flight routes have been increased to make traveling to Mexico more convenient. Even visa processing has been shortened from days to minutes in some instances!

Crime, which has been a primary concern impacting Mexico’s tourism, has also been addressed by the Mexican government. According to the State Department, a number of cities and tourism destinations in the country are safer. All improvements will help to boost the number of visitors in time for the unveiling of the new Mayan Calendar on December 21 2012.

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