Posted by: mortgagesinmexico | March 1, 2012

State of Veracruz Commended by President Calderon for Security and Construction Improvements

President Felipe Calderon visited Veracruz this past week in order to inspect ongoing constructions and security efforts in the state and to commend the administration there for a job well done. Along with Veracruz Governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa, Calderon inspected the construction on the Necaxa-Avila highway section of the Mexico-Tuxpan highway. Governor de Ochoa also accompanied President Calderon to an overflight of the area to inspect the highway as well as the San Marcos Bridge.

President Calderon added that the construction of new roads and highways is helping to contribute to the overall security of the state and the Safe Veracruz Operation. These construction projects are offering people more work, thus reducing the chances of young people to be recruited by criminal organizations. The new highway will also provide easier access for young people to more schools and colleges once completed.

During his visit to Veracruz, President Calderon further noted publicly that Operation Safe Veracruz the state is advancing quite well. The operation was organized by the Mexican Navy and has helped to reduce the level of crime in the state as it enables the people to enjoy the state festivities and other public events without the fear or threat of crime.


Doug Jones
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